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Wildlife Adventures  8 to 10 year old

Discover and appreciate Northeast Florida's unique ecosystems!  Campers spend action-packed and fun-filled days exploring upland ecosystems.  As a scientist, they will discover the hidden mysteries of out natural areas, journeying into these habitats using a variety of scientific tools to identify the different plants and animals.  They will discover how adaptations and interrelationships allow organisms to survive In their environment.

Pathfinders 9 to 14 year old

Become certified in hunter safety!  Campers participate in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Hunter Safety Certification program.  The program includes learning outdoor ethics, wildlife conservation, habitats, wild game, and hunting skills.  Classes are led by a certified hunter safety instructor in a controlled environment.  Pathfinders are instructed and supervised in the use of shotgun, muzzleloaders, .22 rifles, and archery.  Successful course completion awards campers the FWC Hunter Safety Certification Card.

Anglers 9 to 10 year old

Come cast a line with us!  Campers participate in our fishing and boating program.  This program provides valuable instruction regarding fish and their habitat, various fishing techniques, and ethics cultivating a new crop of responsible anglers.  A variety of fishing skills are covered, including fish identification and biology, basic boat navigation, and angler techniques.  Jon boats with electric motors will be used to explore areas of our lake not accessible for shoreline fishing.  Campers gain an appreciation for the sport of fishing, as well as the knowledge required for ethical angling.  The week will conclude with a fishing tournament and boat race. 

Trail Blazers 10 to 11 year old

Experience Florida's wild side!  The Trail Blazer program provides campers with an opportunity to explore and participate in an overnight wilderness camping experience.  Campers learn and practice a variety of skills such as wildlife viewing, basic knot tying, shelter building, orienteering, equipment preparation, and canoeing.  Campers will explore the surrounding forest as well as travel to a local campsite for an overnight adventure.  They will set up tents, practice fire safety, and prepare their own meals.  As nighttime falls, campers will wrap up the day with wildlife viewing, storytelling, songs, and laughter around the campfire.

Rangers 12 to 13 year old

Perfect your shooting skills!  Campers who have already completed the Hunter Safety certification can participate in this advanced shooting sports program.  Campers will spend their day enhancing their skills with shotgun,  .22 rifles, and archery.  In addition, they will traverse out 3D archery target course giving them the opportunity to shoot from various positions, heights, and other obstacles using bows.  (Prerequisite for this program is the completion of the Hunter Safety Program-Pathfinders if received during summer camp.)

Outfitters 12 to 14 year old

This program expands on archery and bowhunting where Pathfinders leaves off.  After completing the Hunter Safety certification, campers can participate in this exciting archery and bowhunting skills adventure.  Campers will enjoy several nationally recognized and innovative programs.  The "Explore Bowhunting" curriculum introduces participants to the many challenges and rewards of archery and bowhunting.  These skills are taught through various games and exercises designed to teach problem solving and decision making.  Additionally, campers have the opportunity to acquire certification in the National Bowhunters Education Foundation's bowhunting course.  This certification is required by some states in order to bow hunt.  Campers also participate in fishing, canoeing, swimming and other tadeonal camp activities.

Expedition 13 to 14 year old

Two nights of wilderness camping and a week of exploration!  Campers will develop an intimate bond with nature while being trained in outdoor living skills.  They will learn to make responsible decisions with minimal environmental impact, discover critical orienteering skills, as well as perfect outdoor food preparation and cooking, knot tying, camp crafts, and weather monitoring.  The campers will gain an understanding of the impact their activities have on the environment and gain conservation ethics while exploring a unique outdoor environment.  Explores will experience a two-night camping adventure in tents off site.

Leadership Camp (CIT) 15 to 17 year old

The OAC provides a volunteer opportunity for high school students to assist with various tasks around the camp during the summer season.  The Leadership Camp utilizes high school students to support staff with camper activities.  All Leadership Campers will receive training in the programs we offer, how to interact with children, and the various roles of staff required for a residential camp.  40 Community Service hours are awarded for each week of volunteer service to the camp.  There is a fee of $150.00 for the program.  High School students must apply to participate in the OAC Leadership Camp program.  Download the Leadership Camp application from below. Do not send payment with application you will be notified about being accepted.